Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sarah and I

SARAH AND I is an action packed erotic book that tells the tale of a bored housewife, Sarah, somewhere in the suburbs.

She visits her neighbor, a man who lives on his own, on a daily basis.  The man, Corben Manning, notices that she visits him more and more without really having a purpose.  Or does she have a purpose, but he just doesn't notice it?

With these visits Sarah always complains about her family and how bored she really is.  If she could just run away from them and go out into the world, she would be happy.

And then he finally realizes what all this is all about.  The signs were all there, but he never had the inclination to put his mind on it.

But now that he knows he immediately fucks her - hard and violently.  The fucking scene is action packed and good, because he is a man of the world, while she is a sex starved middle aged housewife.  She really needs to feel an excited, very hard cock inside of her.  Corben now gives her this and much more.

Blah, you say, this is your average, run of the mill erotic story.  It is the subject of millions of porno films over the years.

But you would be wrong.  

Because there is a terrible surprise waiting on the reader after all this is said and done.  It is a surprise that will stay with you for a long time.  And don’t worry; it’s not a HORRORble surprise.  I might even say you will like it.

If Sarah will like it?  Who knows?  

Many times we only see the world as we want to see it.  That is why it is so very easy to hide out in plain sight.

Download this story today; it will stimulate you in more ways than one.  For only one dollar it’s a steal.  It includes a bonus story.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Divorced Daddies Society

Two hot erotic stories in one book.  The best in pure Family Erotica.  Forbidden, but delectable. 

Imagine the highest building in the world.  Eight hundred stories high.  Now imagine the elevators to the top floors breaking down and people can’t get up or down.

What if a father and daughter are also trapped up there in their luxury apartment?  Bring in a group of people who wants them to join their illicit society.    The people from this society would do anything to get the two to join them, going so far as to put something into the air conditioning that affects their nervous system.

With all that in place, we only need to follow the characters in the story to find out how long they will be able to keep their hands off each other.

I guess not for very long…

This story is hot and wild and not for everyone.

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In the second story, Forbes and his mother is somewhere out in space on a huge starship.  They don’t know how they got there or what they are doing there.  The last thing Forbes and his mother remember is being at the river on their farm. 

But being on this huge starship, quite alone now for many months led to some “difficulties” between the two of them.  The experts call it Sexual Tension.  She is a woman and he is a man.  They are out in space with no other people around or any laws that they have to obey.  Here the only law is the law of nature.  And everyone knows nature always wins.

What will happen next?

Don’t suspect any surprises in this story.  Things get hot, sweaty and wet.

Download the book here and start reading immediately

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mother's Fear

If you love family exotica, you will love this book.

MOTHER'S FEAR tells the story of Riley Young who lives with his mother, Katherine.  His mother dislikes all the girlfriends he brings home.  He can’t understand this strange attitude of hers, as she was never like that when he was smaller.  Whenever he has a new girl, his mother would immediately find fault with her and then she does her best to discourage him from seeing the girl again,

Because of this strange behavior, Riley starts to investigate to find out what is really behind his mother’s reluctance for him to have a girlfriend. 

Riley knows he will have to find the cause behind all this and the only way he can think of to find it is to install little spy cameras all over the house.  Why he actually did it, he would never know, but what he saw happening in the house when he was not there opened his eyes and he started to understand.

This understanding would lead to the ultimate sin with his mother.  And this is where he is now.  Will he be able to seduce his mother or will he simply make a fool of himself?

The book includes a bonus story called PERVERSION.  This bonus story is a follow up on the first erotic story I wrote, namely Lester Perverts his Mom.  It recounts what happen after the events of the first story.  You won’t have to skip any part of PERVERSION.  It is super-hot sex all the way and on every page.

Download this book now and start reading immediately.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

I'm In Love With Another Man

People say that a good love story is nothing if it does not break your heart.  They also say that a love affair without a heart break is not a real love affair.

Read I'M IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN and decide for yourself.

The hottest erotic love story you will read this year.  Available for download.

Also available for your NOOK here

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The King of Regret

For every person on this planet there is a major turning point in his or her life.   A turning point that leads to either success of total failure.  For Gray that turning point was at that birthday party in the mountains when he was still very young.

Due to the mistake he made there, his life became a failure in total.  There is not even one point in his life that he can look back at and says: “I would like to return to that time, because things were going well for me then.

So now, at twenty four years of age, he has a low level job in the Post Office Depot.  He still lives in the same house he was born in, with his mother.  His life is miserable and boring and he can see nothing he can do to change it.

And then new neighbours move into the abandoned house next to them.  And they have a beautiful daughter called Cindy.  She looks cute and hot and smiles beautifully with him… and he suddenly knows this is it.  This is going to be the next major turning point in his life.

But will his mother approve?

An unusual story that will take you into a fantasy world beyond imagination in the Blue Winter Mountains and then back to the ordinary life of forbidden incest and the love between a mother and a son…

Bakerman Extreme Erotic contains very strong and realistic sexual content.  It has been banned on several eBook sites, including Barnes&Noble.

Do not read if you are offended by such material. 

Bakerman’s stories and all the characters portrayed therein are make believe and not based on real people or real events. 

Do not try this at home.

All characters depicted in this erotic story are 18 years and older.

The King of Regret is now available at Smashwords.

Will be available at Lot's Cave soon...  

Friday, May 12, 2017


As Frank looked into the swirling darkness in front of him, he saw the lone figure tearing itself loose from the dark and approaching him.  When he saw the figure coming from the strange darkness, Frank immediately knew what it was.  Who it was. 

(You can read an extract from the book here.)

(You can download the book here.)

It was the dark man.  The same dark man his father warned him about on his death bed.

"The dark man will come for you.  When you see him for the first time, you will try to escape.  But you will quickly learn it is of no use.  There is no escaping the dark man.  The dark man always gets what he wants."  His father told him in that twilight room where death was already a certain thing.  Then his father told him the whole story of why the dark man will come for him


Since then he had been preparing himself for the dark man.  But he never expected the dark man to come at such an inconvenient time.  He knew his father said that he wouldn't be able to escape the dark man, but he would still have to try.  That is just the type of person that he is.

And this is how Frank Summers meet up with the dark man for the first time.  As Frank runs away, he moves into a surreal world that he never even suspected exists.  A world that he was part of the whole time, but didn’t know.  In this surreal world he will learn things about himself and also about his father that he would never have even guessed in the real world.

Who is the mysterious old woman that he meets in that dark alleyway.  Why does she sometime look like Aunt Madge.  And why can't he get it up with is beautiful girlfriend, Astra.  Are all these troubles caused by the dark man?


Is the dark man a good omen or a bad omen for Frank.  And why is his mother suddenly kidnapped by the Blues?  Tonight he will learn. 

This story is surreal, but seems so realistic that you will want to touch it.  You won’t succeed, but it will touch you.  It will touch you in places where you have never been touched before.

Be careful, though, as this story contains strong sexual and very violent content.  It has suggestions of cruel and extreme BDSM.  It is not to be read by people who are prudish or easily offended.  Those with a nervous disposition should also use caution.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Night Of Perversion

Lorena comes to visit her older sister Roxan.  Both of them are in the mid-fifties, with Roxan a widow.  Lorena complains about her husband who is not sexually interested in her anymore.  The only advice Roxan can give her is to find out what is wrong.  The two sisters spend the day together and later, after a few glasses of sherry they fall asleep on Roxan’s bed.

Joss Reeves is a young man, in his second year at university.  He also happens to be Roxan's son.  After studying way too hard for an upcoming exam, he decides to go drinking at the local pub.    When he arrives home he is drunk and tired and just wants to sleep so that he can continue studying the next day.

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Also available at BARNES AND NOBLE here

But then he discovers the hot female body in his bed.  He automatically does what any young man will do with a free present like this right in his bed.  But it is a huge mistake.  When he discovers his mistake, it is too late in stopping what he is doing.  And he doesn’t want to stop in any case.

So now a very hot and forbidden situation turns into a turning point in young Joss’s life.

And Lorena suddenly knows that she will never complain again…

This book contains a BONUS STORY for your further enjoyment.