Thursday, September 21, 2017


Although the big Nissan Skyline is tearing through the darkness of the N2 freeway at over 200 kilometers per hour, the loud roar of its V6 engine is hardly audible on the inside.  The interior of the shiny blue car is a marvel of technology, which keeps the loudest sounds outside.  Nox doesn't have to hear the engine, she can sense it.

She sits comfortably in her tight racing seat, safely belted into the soft rubber with her foot strongly on the accelerator.  The broken white line on the blackness of the midnight road seems to become almost one solid line as the GTR speeds over it. 

Nox gives a quick look into the rear view mirror.  Something she does not want to see, but has to.  A set of bright lights is approaching her at an incredible speed from behind.  She knows she can't afford that those lights reach and pass her.  She will have to put in everything to win this race, because a lot rests on it.

She also knows it is about another kilometre before that dangerous turn she will have to take from the highway onto the R102 route.  That turn will go right across the opposite lane of the highway and she is not going to stop.  So if there is traffic coming from the other side, there will be a hell of an accident and nobody involved will walk away unscathed.  Even her racing seat, safety harness and full helmet is not going to help her at all.  There is no protection against pure physics.  But she has to maintain this great speed, no matter what.

The world knows her as Nox: street racer supreme. 

As she steers the powerful car over the midnight road, her thoughts wander around to the happenings of the past few days.  Those happenings that led her to this illegal street race and which makes it so important that she walk away from it as the victor.

Firstly she was kidnapped by gangsters belonging to The Eye.  The Eye is the criminal organization that has almost full control of the Western Cape, where she lives.  She was then rescued from them by her now ex-boyfriend, David Gourd.  He did this in a very dramatic and violent way and she is sure The Eye will never forget that.  She and David grew up together in the wild townships of the Cape Flats.  A slight smile appears on her face as she thinks about David; she cannot remember a time when she wasn't in love with him.  Even now, she still loves him, although she was the one who broke the relationship. 

She knows that without David in her life, she is only half a creature.

The problem is that David is an extremely stubborn person.  Unfortunately – for their relationship - so is she.    Growing up on the Cape Flats leads you onto a certain path.  Once on that path, there is no turning back.  Like David's mother always said; there is the broad way - which most people choose - and then there is the narrow way, which is a bit more difficult, but has the biggest payout at the end.  Both she and David chose the narrow way, but they chose different routes.

After school she wanted to go to University, but was denied entry.  Not because she didn't qualify, but because of her race.  The country had been taken over by proto-humans a few decades back and they don't want the other races, also living in the country to enter University.  So they make it as difficult as possible for them to get in.  Without a degree, the chances of finding a job in this proto-human run country, is basically zero.    As mostly proto-humans are allowed to attend university only they can find jobs.

That was the way the world worked and she had to accept it.  But, luckily for her, she is intelligent and very clever.  So she turned to other ways to make a living.  One of those ways were to take part in illegal street races.  Because these races are illegal and thus very entertaining, they were sought after in a huge way.  Not only were there the fans that came to the races in droves, there were also entire underground websites and social media dedicated to it.  Then there were whole industries, like workshops, technical factories, printers, etc. that were completely build around these illegal street races. The problem was that because these street races were illegal, it made the participants criminals.  She didn't see herself as a criminal, but technically she was.

And this is what David was against.  He never told her exactly where he works, but she figured out that his employer is some kind of government policing agencies.  The country had so many policing agencies that it was difficult to keep track of them all.  The strange thing was that all these policing agencies were investigating each other, making the whole thing more of a joke than anything else.  In the meantime crime was flourishing in the country like never before. 

But the thing was that David didn't want her to be involved in illegal activities.  Any illegal activities - even if it was street racing.  But she was also not going to allow anyone to tell her what to do and how to do it - not even David.

And she became a street racer.  So now she and the others speed through the streets of the Western Cape at insane speeds in highly modified street racing cars. Each one of them had become superb drivers who can be compared to the best drivers in the world.  Not only that; they also became world class mechanics working and modifying their own cars.  It is a deadly and very dangerous sport, but the huge amount of money involved drew her like an unstoppable magnet.  Under normal circumstance she would never stop racing.  There was no reason to, because she was very good at it.

What makes their type of racing more dangerous than ordinary racing, was the fact that they raced through the ordinary street traffic.  Any wrong move from the racer could mean death or becoming an invalid for life.  Not only for the racer, but also the citizens in their ordinary street cars.  And if the police catch you, it will mean jail for a very long time.

The strange thing is that the police was not a problem to them at all.  These illegal street races were underground and were thus controlled by The Eye.  The Eye was in control of all criminal activities in the Western Cape, especially in the townships.  In this, they were also partially in control of the police, which had become totally corrupt, since the proto-humans took over the governance of the country.  So whenever a race takes place, The Eye just instructs the police to turn a blind eye and do their patrols in non-racing areas.  Then the racers have free reign.

But now that dangerous turn onto the R102 was right in front of her.  As she approaches it, she lifts her foot from the accelerator and brakes the car just a little bit.  Then she turns the power steering wheel to the right in one smooth movement.  With that lighting like movement she sees how the two other lights in her rear view mirror disappears from her field of view.

The powerful car glides smoothly and easily into the turn.  Its racing suspension, combined with the racing tires, making the car cling to the tar of the road like a super-magnet.

A smallish civilian car approaches in the opposite lane of the N2 freeway, but Nox calculated the turn so carefully that she slides easily in front of the oncoming car, straight onto the R102 route.  Once in the turn, she lifts her foot from the brake-pedal and pushes the accelerator down hard.  The big car's hood lifts up as it powerfully jumps forward - going at full speed once more.

Nox is now on the R102 route in the direction of Kuils River.  This road is black with night and only the GTR's lights give illumination now.  Luckily the R102 is a long and straight piece of road and she can put in everything.  The blue Skyline roars easily down the long road.

It is clear though, through a quick look into the rear view mirror, that the others didn't even make it to the turn yet.  So she is free and clear - for the moment.  She is one of the few drivers that can take such a tight turn at such a great speed.  That is why she is one of the best.

The powerful engine of the Skyline is going full force now, making the big racing car seem to float over the black tar like a lighting streak.

As the car flashes past the Boar and Wine Pub, Nox notices the two traffic police cars standing there under the tall trees.  But strangely, they don't come after her, although she is clearly way over the speed limit.  The outside roar of her engine should have indicated what she is doing in any case.

Clearly they have been bribed by the Eye.  These races are organized by the crime gangs ruling the Western Cape and the police will do nothing.  Big amounts of money is involved here and The Eye will never allow the police to interfere.  The high ups in the police get their share and the policemen on the street are instructed to stand down.  The influence of The Eye is intertwined through the government of the Western Cape like an evil web and it will be very difficult to remove it.

With the road free and open before her, she now really pushes the big car to its limits.  She watches as the digital speedometer easily goes to 220 km/h.  At this speed her highly tuned engine seems to sing with joy.  This is a pleasure to her, because she worked on the engine herself and modified it to her own specifications.

Then it happens...

Out of the corner of her eye she sees the bakkie approaching the R102 from the dirt road on the right side.  The bakkie does not stop, not expecting any traffic this late on the road.  Nox calculate that she and the bakkie will reach the same space in about two seconds.  It might even be a drunk driver, which will make it worse.

Luckily for her she has been a street racer for a very long time.  She is well prepared for a happening like this and her body knows exactly what to do.

The amateur's first instinct would be to put on the brakes hard and try to bring the car to a standstill.  But at the speed that she is going, that is not a possibility.  Using the brakes in any way - at this speed - will simply make the car to lose its balance and roll.  At this speed it is not going to be one roll and it is all over, it will be like a thousand rolls and both she and the car will be mincemeat afterwards.

No.  She releases the accelerator and puts her foot lightly on the brakes.  Then she quickly bring the gears down.  At the same time she turns the car in the direction in which it will roll if the momentum is broken.

With this the back of the huge car slides wildly over the road with white smoke coming from the intense friction of the tires on the tar.  But she expected this and controls it perfectly.  It only looks wild on the outside, due to the great speed.

In this way the car easily slides way pass the bakkie, with not even a chance of a mishap.  Nox keeps the car under control and once she is past the danger she pushes the accelerator down hard and goes forward at full speed once again.  The green vines of the farmlands next to the R102 route flash past her car like dark ghostly figures.

The problem is that this maneuver gave the other racers time to pass her.  Any time in a race like this, when you bring your speed down, you are taking a chance of giving your opponents a chance to pass you.  With the first adversary going pass her, Nox only sees a red line made by the rear lights of his car.  It will take a while to regain the necessary momentum so she keeps her foot on the pedal.

Right in front of her she sees that they have reached the part of the R102 route that is illuminated by street lights.  That means they are entering the residential areas.  That also means that the finishing line is not far off.  It is about another two kilometres just in front of the traffic lights where Stellenbosch Arterial Road crosses the R102 route.

Although she is going full speed it almost seems as if she and her opponent are glued to each other at the same distance.  Her enormous speed doesn't matter and it seems she can't reach him.  This is bad; she has been in front since the first third of the race, just to come and lose now.  That two kilometre road will be eaten up in no time by the high speed cars, so she will have to make a plan.

There is no other way.

She opens up a secret panel in her steering wheel and pushes in both the green buttons situated there.

Pure nitrogen oxide is immediately spurted via an array of micro jets directly into the cylinders of the powerful engine.  This is like pure steroids for the engine.  The pistons move harder and faster now.  For her it feels like a giant fist is pushing her into the racing seat, as the car accelerate at an insane speed with the nitro injection.  She becomes heavier as she is pushed back into the tight racing seat.

The Skyline now approaches the bright rear lights of her opponent at super speed.  When she starts to pass him, it almost seem as if the other car is standing still.  Blue flames spurts from her exhaust pipes as the used-up nitro is expelled.

Then she sees the huge crowd of very excited young people cheering her on.  And then the glowing orange finishing line.  The Skyline explodes over it with a loud roar.

She brings the speeding GTR expertly and with smoking tires to a standstill.  Her fans rush excitedly towards her as she gets out of the car.  Camera lights flash and everybody tries to shake her hand or at least touch her.

At her height of one point eight six meters Nox stands way out above the others.  She has a very strong athletic build and her bright green eyes seem to glow with excitement in her beautiful face.  She takes off her bandanna, allowing her shoulder length brown hair freedom - as she throws it in amongst the crowd.  This makes the fans cheer even more and louder.

Veda is suddenly next to her and gives her the winning cheque.  Then she suddenly grabs Nox and kisses her tightly on the mouth.  This makes the crowd cheer even more.

"You qualify for the big race on Saturday, Nox."  Veda says as she smiles brightly with her.  “May the odds ever be in your favor.” 

Nox laughs out loud when Veda gives this famous quote.

As Nox chats to Veda and some other fans, she sees the group of serious looking men approaching her.  She immediately knows this is trouble because these are men from The Eye.  There is no escape as they are too close already.  She hastily put the ten thousand rand cheque in her pocket as she turns and looks the men straight in the eye.  The only way to approach the devil is straight on.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

The King of Regret

For every person on this planet there is a major turning point in his or her life.   A turning point that leads to either success of total failure.  For Gray that turning point was at that birthday party in the mountains when he was still very young.

Due to the mistake he made there, his life became a failure in total.  There is not even one point in his life that he can look back at and says: “I would like to return to that time, because things were going well for me then.

So now, at twenty four years of age, he has a low level job in the Post Office Depot.  He still lives in the same house he was born in, with his mother.  His life is miserable and boring and he can see nothing he can do to change it.

And then new neighbours move into the abandoned house next to them.  And they have a beautiful daughter called Cindy.  She looks cute and hot and smiles beautifully with him… and he suddenly knows this is it.  This is going to be the next major turning point in his life.

But will his mother approve?

An unusual story that will take you into a fantasy world beyond imagination in the Blue Winter Mountains and then back to the ordinary life of forbidden incest and the love between a mother and a son…

Bakerman Extreme Erotic contains very strong and realistic sexual content.  It has been banned on several eBook sites, including Barnes&Noble.

Do not read if you are offended by such material. 

Bakerman’s stories and all the characters portrayed therein are make believe and not based on real people or real events. 

Do not try this at home.

All characters depicted in this erotic story are 18 years and older.

The King of Regret is now available at Smashwords.

Will be available at Lot's Cave soon...  

Friday, May 12, 2017


As Frank looked into the swirling darkness in front of him, he saw the lone figure tearing itself loose from the dark and approaching him.  When he saw the figure coming from the strange darkness, Frank immediately knew what it was.  Who it was. 

(You can read an extract from the book here.)

(You can download the book here.)

It was the dark man.  The same dark man his father warned him about on his death bed.

"The dark man will come for you.  When you see him for the first time, you will try to escape.  But you will quickly learn it is of no use.  There is no escaping the dark man.  The dark man always gets what he wants."  His father told him in that twilight room where death was already a certain thing.  Then his father told him the whole story of why the dark man will come for him


Since then he had been preparing himself for the dark man.  But he never expected the dark man to come at such an inconvenient time.  He knew his father said that he wouldn't be able to escape the dark man, but he would still have to try.  That is just the type of person that he is.

And this is how Frank Summers meet up with the dark man for the first time.  As Frank runs away, he moves into a surreal world that he never even suspected exists.  A world that he was part of the whole time, but didn’t know.  In this surreal world he will learn things about himself and also about his father that he would never have even guessed in the real world.

Who is the mysterious old woman that he meets in that dark alleyway.  Why does she sometime look like Aunt Madge.  And why can't he get it up with is beautiful girlfriend, Astra.  Are all these troubles caused by the dark man?


Is the dark man a good omen or a bad omen for Frank.  And why is his mother suddenly kidnapped by the Blues?  Tonight he will learn. 

This story is surreal, but seems so realistic that you will want to touch it.  You won’t succeed, but it will touch you.  It will touch you in places where you have never been touched before.

Be careful, though, as this story contains strong sexual and very violent content.  It has suggestions of cruel and extreme BDSM.  It is not to be read by people who are prudish or easily offended.  Those with a nervous disposition should also use caution.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Night Of Perversion

Lorena comes to visit her older sister Roxan.  Both of them are in the mid-fifties, with Roxan a widow.  Lorena complains about her husband who is not sexually interested in her anymore.  The only advice Roxan can give her is to find out what is wrong.  The two sisters spend the day together and later, after a few glasses of sherry they fall asleep on Roxan’s bed.

Joss Reeves is a young man, in his second year at university.  He also happens to be Roxan's son.  After studying way too hard for an upcoming exam, he decides to go drinking at the local pub.    When he arrives home he is drunk and tired and just wants to sleep so that he can continue studying the next day.

DOWNLOAD A NIGHT OF PERVERSION HERE and start reading immediately.
Also available at BARNES AND NOBLE here

But then he discovers the hot female body in his bed.  He automatically does what any young man will do with a free present like this right in his bed.  But it is a huge mistake.  When he discovers his mistake, it is too late in stopping what he is doing.  And he doesn’t want to stop in any case.

So now a very hot and forbidden situation turns into a turning point in young Joss’s life.

And Lorena suddenly knows that she will never complain again…

This book contains a BONUS STORY for your further enjoyment.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Gate For Gran Two

Gran needs another gate.  But that is no problem as her grandson Mark is a qualified welder. 

What people don’t know is that since Mark made the first gate for her, he became a regular visitor.  Even staying over some evenings and even whole weekends.  All because of that “little secret” the two of them had.

Mark grew up with Gran, but he never liked the area.  The township was way too rough for his gentle nature.  So when he got a chance to go live with his mother in the suburbs, he grabbed it with both hands.  But the township always claims what is his.  Mark knew mostly everybody in the neighbourhood as he also attended primary school here.


And now Gran needs a new gate.  But with this, she also has another “assignment” for him.  Another surprise for Mark.

If you like the first book, A Gate for Gran, you will definitely like this one.  It is more perverted, more forbidden and the best erotica money can buy. 

Download it here and start reading immediately.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adventures of a Meter Reader

Sean Becker is a gas meter reader.  When he started the job, he heard many stories, but never believed them.

But now that he started working, he soon finds out that reading the gas meters is only a secondary part of his job.  With all the lonely house wives, neglected grannies and teen girls who needs an experienced man, his job is cut out for him.  


And there is no letting up, as all these females need a hard man and Sean is the one with the uniform on.

If you like flaming hot sexual situations, if you like flaming hot sex; then this is the book for you.  

Four super-hot short stories that will make you come back for more.  No plot, no drama, only flaming hot sex with descriptions so good, it is as if you are there watching it. 

This book had already been banned by five eBook retailers as the contents are simply too hot for comfort.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Mother In The Moonlight

A short, but powerful story that will stay with you for a long time.  And super-hot, with enough wickedness to fill a thousand Hells.


The trouble started when Pen decided that the Hemicuda should be moved out of the garage and that his own Ford should be moved in there.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.    That Hemicuda belonged to Chris’s father and now it belonged to him.  When his father was still alive he taught him to always stand on his own two feet and to take care of his own.  And that included his mother.

So Chris was first going to take care of Pen and then he was going to make sure that something like this never happens again.  The ball is on the roll and nothing will be able to stop him now.

On that sunny winter’s morning he knew that at the end everything will be exactly as it was supposed to be.  Now that his father is no longer there, he was his mother’s knight in shining armor.

This is a rare story, which is not available everywhere.